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    Hi, everyone!

    Welcome to the HFBoards home of the New York Rangers! :yo:

    The Rangers have great fans, and we believe HFNYR is the best place in the world to share information, passion, and laughs about the team that unites us.

    The HFNYR moderator team wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the rules of the site and of our board in particular. Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us by private message if you have any questions or concerns about rules, policies, or moderator actions.

    Our mantra as members of this community is that we should treat others the way we ourselves would wish to be treated. This applies to all board posters, readers, and visitors. All rules that apply elsewhere on the site also apply in their entirety to HFNYR. The HFBoards site rules can be found at the bottom of this post and at the bottom of every page on the site. Please be sure you understand and embrace the rules as they are what makes HFBoards attractive to new and veteran posters alike. We will not accept any claims of unfamiliarity with the site rules.

    There are some points in the main site rules that are frequent occurrences on HFNYR, and we’d like to highlight them here to ensure there’s no confusion going forward. (Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive; all site rules are always still in force.)

    FLAMING - We believe this rule is largely self-explanatory, but emotions can get the best of anyone.
    • Please resist the urge to make your posts personal in any way. This includes blanket statements to the tune of “anyone who agrees with (idea X) is an idiot.”
    • Sarcastic or passive-aggressive remarks toward or about other posters constitute flaming.
    • Remarks about or attacks on a poster based on age or on whether he or she has played hockey before will usually be considered flaming.
    • Even something you think is a joke or a remark between friends may be misunderstood. Our recommendation is to take a few extra seconds to decide if your post may be considered flaming before clicking submit.
    • Please report any post or thread you believe to constitute flaming, but do not reply.

    TROLLING - Posts, threads, or content improperly copied or referenced from other areas of the site with the sole purpose of creating a dispute, demeaning other fans, or getting a rise out of our users will not be tolerated. Zinging people, stirring **** up, and “coming in peace” (but not really) are NOT allowed.
    • This rule applies to Rangers fans as much as it applies to fans of other teams.
    • As a special feature of our board, the term “Rags” or any variation to describe the Rangers will not be accepted.
    • You are allowed to view and post on other teams’ boards provided you are not there to cause trouble. Do NOT expect any support from us if you go to another team’s forum, start trouble, and receive a warning, infraction, thread ban, or more.
    • What is posted on other boards is not of interest here. Posts mocking or complaining about the content of other areas of the site count as trolling.
    • By extension, visitors who cheer for other teams are always welcome at HFNYR with the understanding that they will also obey the rules while they are here.
    • It is very important to note that a visiting fan’s mere presence on the board does not constitute trolling.
    • If you only come to the site to post negative messages, you are trolling, even if you are a Rangers fan. Please find more varied and more positive ways to contribute to the discussion.
    • Please report any post or thread you believe to constitute trolling, but do not reply.

    SPAMMING - A reasonable amount of wiggle room will be afforded to users who post in pre-game, game-day, and post-game threads as game events occur in real time, but elsewhere on the board, please avoid posts that do not add to the discussion.
    • This includes posts with just smileys in them, just an image in them, one-word agreement posts, scroll bombs, and thread bumps.
    • Users are permitted to reply to partial or highlighted quotes, but please do not alter or edit quotes by other posters to change their original meaning. These are known as “fixed” or “FTFY” posts.
    • Moderators will not allow particularly controversial topics, such as goaltending and advanced statistics, to throw off the discussion in more general threads (Pre-game talk, GDTs, PGTs, etc.). Please make sure those topics remain in their specifically designated threads.
    • Creating redundant threads is also considered spamming. Please make an effort to find a related topic listed on the first few pages of the board before creating a new thread. Do NOT start a new thread just because you think something deserves its own thread. Only moderators may determine when topics should be separated into different threads.
    • Topics must be a jumping off point for a discussion and not a random thought or rant.
    • Advertising or solicitation of any kind is prohibited without prior administrative approval.
    • Moderators reserve the right to manage threads and posts as deemed appropriate without notice or explanation.
    • Please make every effort to title new threads as clearly and succinctly as possible to help us stop the flow of duplicate posts and threads.

    OFFENSIVE CONTENT - This rule is also self-explanatory. Our users come from all walks of life and from all around the world. What may not be offensive to one user may be quite offensive to another.
    • Of note with the offensive content rule is the requirement that users not circumvent the profanity filter. Just type the bad word you intend to type, and permit the filter to work as intended. Claims that circumventions of the profanity filter are just typos will not be accepted because users have the ability to edit posts after submitting.
    • Although a word may not be filtered, that doesn’t mean you can use it without proper consideration.
    • Please advise a moderator if you believe a word should be added to or removed from the filter.
    • Referring to something or someone as “gay” or using words to indicate mental or intellectual deficiency is considered offensive and is not permitted. Please also don’t use any form of the expression “going full (x)” as we feel this is just as bad as calling someone a name or using the original phrase “going full ******.”
    • Wishing death or injury on anyone, including public figures, is offensive and is subject to increasing levels of moderator action up to and including a permanent ban from the site in extreme cases.
    • HF's vCash is the only gambling content that can be discussed on the site.
    • All photos and videos you post must also be free of offensive content of any kind.

    STREAMS OF GAME CONTENT - Links to illegal streams may not be posted. The forums may not be used to solicit links to streams.

    THE VETTING PROCESS - Please do not post information about anyone in hockey from sources that are not legitimate. Do not post information from sources you yourself claim to have unless you have been vetted as a recognized insider by site administrators. Do not post libelous or defamatory information without a link to a reputable media source. Please send a private message to a moderator or administrator if you have a question about this policy.

    MODERATOR ABUSE AND PLAYING THE ROLE OF MODERATOR - The HFNYR moderator team is made up of volunteers whose mission is to make this an inclusive, informative, and user-friendly place to talk about hockey and the Rangers with your fellow fans. A large part of this objective involves enforcing site and forum-specific rules and removing users who are unwilling or unable to comply with the guidelines agreed to by everyone. With that said…
    • You are not a moderator, so don’t act like one in your posts.
    • If you believe a thread or post violates the site rules, your first and only action should be to click the report button and provide a detailed explanation of why you believe the item you’re reporting is inappropriate. Reporting a post may result in actions on the board by moderators from other areas of the site. All decisions made by global moderators, moderator supervisors, or site administrators are to be respected in the same fashion as if they had been made by HFNYR moderators.
    • Editorial commentary on the value of threads or posts constitutes spam and will be removed.
    • If you don’t like a thread or post but it does not otherwise violate the rules, your best course of action is simply not to reply to it. You have the ability to ignore threads and posters, but discussing ignore functions in public posts is not permitted.
    • If you disagree with any action taken by a moderator, please let us know POLITELY in a private message or by email only. Referencing moderator action in a public post is considered moderator abuse.
    • Attacking or flaming a moderator in private messages or email is subject to citations for moderator abuse. Please be respectful and considerate. Profanity or abusive conduct of any kind toward moderators is not tolerated.
    • If your thread or post was moved, closed, edited, or removed, there was a good reason for it, and moderators are not required to provide a public explanation. Do not re-post the content that was moderated.

    ANOTHER NOTE ABOUT OUR FORUM MANTRA - We mentioned earlier in this post that we should treat others the way we ourselves would wish to be treated, and lately the tone and content of the board has forced us to issue the following strong reminder: HFNYR was, is, and will continue to be a forum that insists on civility. We are not the only Rangers forum out there; you have other options. Some might cater to your wants and needs better than HFNYR, and that’s fine.

    In order to maintain the informative and friendly environment we want here, we have site rules. However, the prevailing rule is this: the site should be fun, and when even the moderator staff who run things here as a labor of love and for the benefit of all users are hesitant to go into a thread when a three-page explosion happens in order to pull people off each other, it’s not fun anymore.

    On topic, off topic; it does not matter. You must treat people with respect and try to see their viewpoints when they disagree with yours. You can enjoy the Rangers in different ways; that’s fine and encouraged. It does not make anyone better or worse, but as soon as you start acting like a jerk, you’ve crossed the line.

    Do not be jerks to each other.

    No one deserves to be treated in such a negative manner. These expectations apply to everyone. And if you don’t like the site rules, no one is forcing you to post here.

    The moderator staff will not be happy until this is a comfortable place to hang out again, regardless of how the Rangers perform on the ice.

    FORUM-SPECIFIC RULES - The following rules are specific to HFNYR and should be respected by fans of all teams that visit our board.

    GAME THREADS - Each Rangers game may feature threads labelled “Pre-Game Talk,” “GDT” (Game-Day Thread), and “Post Game Talk.”
    • Only one of each type of thread will be required per game.
    • Pre-game talk threads may be started by any user, but they will be closed once the GDT is posted.
    • GDTs are normally started by Loffen. If he is unavailable to provide the GDT, another user may start it or the Pre-Game Talk thread may be converted to a GDT.
    • At the conclusion of a game, the GDT will be closed and discussion will move into the post game talk thread.
    • Post game talk threads can be started by anyone but have in the past been started by a moderator. If they are unavailable to provide the post game talk thread, another user may open one. The thread that is opened first is the one that will be used, but please don’t open post game talk threads before the conclusion of the game itself.
    • Post game poll options must clearly indicate players only. Joke polls and polls appearing after losses will be removed at moderators’ discretion.

    STICKIES - Several of our most important threads are “stuck” to the top of the thread listing for more prominence on the first page of the board. We may not exceed nine stickied threads at any one time. If you would like a thread stuck or unstuck from this section, please send a private message to a member of the moderator team.

    THREAD PREFIXES - Please make sure you use the appropriate thread prefix when starting a new thread. This helps us to keep the board organized and makes it easier to find older threads. Clicking on a thread’s prefix will display all threads with that prefix. If you would like a prefix added to or removed from the list, please contact the moderator team.

    NICKNAMES - Since this is a board specifically intended for the use and enjoyment of fans of the New York Rangers, some reasonable editorial license will be granted for the use of nicknames for Rangers players/coaches or members of the opposition that might otherwise be considered mildly disparaging.
    • At no time can these nicknames become offensive or circumvent the profanity filter, and the moderator team reserves the right to prohibit the use of any nickname if it becomes too much of a problem.
    • Posts or poll options that do nothing other than call a player/coach by a disparaging nickname are considered spam and should be avoided.
    • The only nickname that won’t be accepted under any circumstances is “Rags” or any variations.

    A WORD ABOUT “RAGS” - This nickname for the Rangers can be considered derogatory, and it is prohibited on our board at all times. However, many users consider it an acceptable abbreviation for "Rangers" in much the same way "Pens," "Caps," or "Sens" might be used. Please only report occurrences of “Rags” from other boards if you consider them to be trolling or flaming. Simply using the word on any board other than this one is not necessarily grounds for moderator action.

    BUYING AND SELLING TICKETS - We give users the opportunity to buy tickets from and sell tickets to other HF Rangers fans in a sticky thread at the top of our first page. We think it's a great way to meet people, and it's always nice when we fill Madison Square Garden with those we know will really appreciate attending a game! Please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting individual game tickets for sale:
    • Be sure to list the section, row, and seat numbers of the tickets you're selling. You may also wish to include other information like "more leg room!" or "Rangers shoot twice!"
    • List your asking price and any shipping costs or seller fees if applicable. Site administration has recently reminded us that selling tickets for more than face value is not permitted by law in many jurisdictions, so it cannot be allowed here. However, you can always sell tickets below face if you so desire or list tickets at face value and include reasonable charges (such as PayPal fees) that would otherwise come out of your pocket. You MUST list a price. Posts with no prices or that say "PM me for prices" will be deleted and violators subject to moderator action.
    • Making the sale of tickets or making the price of tickets contingent on the purchase of pre-season tickets or other items is strictly prohibited.
    • Remember to mark your post as SOLD once the tickets are sold.
    • Please don't over-post your tickets; we want to give everyone a chance to post tickets if they have them.
    • Anyone posting games for sale at face value or lower and then raising the prices to market value when prospective purchasers make contact via PM will be banned from the ticket resale thread.

    FORMER PLAYERS/COACHES - Please do not devote space in our player discussion thread or in standalone threads to players/coaches who are still in the NHL but no longer with the Rangers. These discussions should take place exclusively in the “Around the NHL” thread.

    OFF-TOPIC POSTING - We have a number of recurring and important topics for you to be aware of on our board (see Stickies section above), and one of these is the off-topic (OT) thread, which is a place for users to engage in friendly non-hockey conversation that is still within the site rules.
    • Everyone is welcome to post in the OT thread.
    • All posts in the OT thread, as everywhere else on the site, must be in English. You don’t have to worry too much about less than perfect typing, but posts that are entirely gibberish will be edited or deleted as spam. We have to be able to tell what your post is saying.
    • If the moderator team determines that too much off-topic conversation is creeping into other areas of the board, we will close the OT thread and consider reopening it at a later date.
    • Political discussion of any kind is not allowed on HFNYR.
    • HFBoards is primarily a place to talk about hockey, and too much other chatter can distract from our primary content.

    THREAD LENGTH - Threads should not exceed 1000 posts in order to permit the site to run smoothly. Moderators will make every attempt to create new threads when the 1000-post threshold is reached, but if you notice a thread has gone beyond this mark, please report it to us.

    SUGGESTIONS - The HFNYR moderator team is always open to feedback from any member of our community about how to make the experience on our board better. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, please let any one of us know in a private message.

    HFBoards Site Rules - http://hfboards.mandatory.com/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_faq#faq_forum_rules
    HFNYR Permanent Link - http://hfboards.mandatory.com/forumdisplay.php?f=24
    Guide to BB Code - http://hfboards.mandatory.com/misc.php?do=bbcode
    Ask a Support Question - http://hfboards.mandatory.com/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=68
    Private Messaging System - http://hfboards.mandatory.com/private.php

    Please accept a warm welcome from the HFNYR moderator team. Enjoy your board, and LET’S GO RANGERS!

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    Only vetted users can post inside information.

    Here are our vetted HFNYR posters:



    Our list is subject to change at any time. If you are interested in becoming vetted, PM a moderator.
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    Buy-in fantasy leagues are not allowed per site administrators.
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    Just an FYI everyone, under the new format you are able to delete your own posts.
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