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Discussion in 'Vancouver Canucks' started by Slads, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I’m sure there’s always a thread about this every year but thought I’d bring it up for the coming season. What do you all think of having one of the following songs as the new intro music to skate out to and my choice for a goal song (if they don’t have players pick their own)? Just what I came up with quickly and the final version would be made without vocals and would be looped to the intro of the song. I’m obviously partial to rock, as shown by ideas below. Going to Kings and Ducks games down here in SoCal is awesome because they have his kind of music and it gives it a great atmosphere.

    1. Jane’s Addiction - Just Because

    2. Muse - Supremacy

    3. Audioslave - Cochise
    Audioslave - Cochise

    4. RATM - Guerilla Radio
    Rage Against the Machine - Guerrilla Radio - YouTube

    5. Foo Fighters - My Hero
    Foo Fighters - My Hero

    Goal Song:

    Millencolin - Man or Mouse

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